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The podcast that explores the untold stories in the world of cricket.

Listen to funny and insight full stories from well known names including former England Internationals Darren Maddy and Jim Troughton, as well as TMS commentator Charles Dagnall.

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The Team

Rob Kenny and Mark Fellowes make up the team at the Rainbreak.

Rob Kenny

Rob is weekend cricketer with the Thame Town CC. He is also the co-presenter of the Rainbreak Cricket podcast.

Mark Fellows

From an early age, Mark developed a love of cricket. He has played the game all his life, and has worked in cricket for many years producing events for The Professional Cricketers Association, Lashings, The ECB/Bunbury Festival and The Barmy Army.

He is also a professional DJ and has played at events ranging from the PCA Annual Cricket Awards to The Monaco Grand Prix and The World Superyacht Awards.


The Rainbreak Events is a not for profit organisation that has been set up to help cricket clubs raise funds to invest into their future. As well as producing cricket matches, we also produce end of season Awards Nights, and can bring a well known professional cricketer for a Q’n’A session as part of the event.

This is recorded and turned into a podcast which is a long-lasting way of thanking sponsors and celebrating the achievements of your cricket club.

We provide all the sound equipment, commentary and T20 music for the PCA Legends X1 and the Lashings World X1 who play fundraising cricket matches all over the country, and have had the pleasure of commentating alongside Henry Blofeld, Daniel Norcross and a host of other current Test Match Special commentators.

It is always wonderful to work with you Mark! . 

 Henry Blofeld, Lashings World X1  

Mark also works for the ECB/David English Bunbury Festival which nurtures the talent of tomorrow. Over 90% of current England Cricketers have played at The ECB/Bunbury Festival.

In the summer of 2021 Mark produced the PCA Festival Of Cricket at Wormsley, and is now working with Wormsley to help them produce their cricket events. This has already led to producing the Barnardo’s Cricket Cup, and The National Counties Cricket Association Cup Final.

It was a great day on Sunday. Many Thanks for all your hard work. 

Stephen Newell, The Professional Cricketers Association 

Mark also provided all the sound & commentary for The Barmy Army World Cup.

Having produced many cricket events, he has the knowledge of how to do it, and the best way to get value from staging an event.

He has also provided his services for Yorkshire Tea and hosted the Cricket Tea Of The Year winners matches alongside Mike Gatting.

As a professional DJ, he can also do a set long into the night which will help bar sales, and has lots of other entertainment options which will help raise funds for your club.

Thank you so much for doing such a wicked job with these events this year, I’m sure you will be a regular here.. 

Suzie Moutrie, Wormsley Cricket, October 2021 

If you are thinking of organising an event, please get in touch as we’d like to help.

We are delighted to be in partnership with Cricket Wales.

We will be sponsoring the 6’s hit in their limited overs competitions, with the proceeds going to The Ruth Strauss Foundation.


Please get in touch if you would like us to help with an event or to feature on an episode of the podcast.